App ideas and user interface designs episode 1

App ideas and user interface designs episode 1

First in a series of episodes pitching new app ideas along with their associated user interface designs. Each episode will present three app ideas along with the initial mockup of how the apps will look as well as a basic explanation of how they will function. Want a detailed explanation of each app page and functionality along with a working user interface design, for any of the apps featured in this particular episode, then drop us a line on our reach page at, and we will make considerations based on the requests and feedback received.

Critiqs App


Critiqs, is an app where people can create profiles and become critiques of any subject matter. In addition to joining and posting their point of view on any current or trending conversation, users can also start a new critique on any subject matter. The main page of the app will display conversations based on search results as well as trending conversations. The profile page of each user would be publicly visible, and any user can click through within the feed of conversations to view any other users profile as well as their activity, critique lists or message them etc. Users can also have followers, who will be notified of critiquing activity by the user. The critique page on any subject matter will have intuitive widgets and other information indicating user sentiment along with the main feed of media and comments.

Foody App


Foody, is essentially a ratings app where users can search and filter for places to grab a bite. Within the search and filter results page users can also tick and untick results they see, and this action will boost or lower the visibility of the restaurant or food vendor within the search results of the entire app. More importantly users can rate any vendor on three criteria, Taste, Place or ambience and Service. In addition users can also leave comments or complains regarding their experience. The review page of the app will give a sum total of each vendors score based on all user ratings. In addition to viewing all comments on a vendor, users can also choose to like a vendor and boost their ratings, make orders etc. This app can also be redesigned for any type of service delivery, such as professional services.

Auctionit App


Auctionit, will function as any auctioneering website, however an emphasis will be placed on closing the deal. How this will work is not only will the winning bidder be entitled to follow through with the deal, but they would also need to have the necessary funds in their e-wallet in order to make the bid in the first place. The e-wallet balance of each user can be topped off via supported payment gateways. Soon as an auction ends the winning bidders e-wallet will automatically pay the e-wallet of the seller. The main screen of the app will give users the opportunity to follow auctions saved by the user, new auctions, auctions ending soon as well as filter auction based on criteria. The product page will display multiple images and information as well as offer a host of auctioneering options.

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