Become a creative now

Become a creative now easily

Become a creative now with these easy to follow tutorials and free software. The five main topics for becoming a creative have been covered, Vector Designing, 3D Animation, Music Production, Graphic Design and Video Production. Each video is under ten minutes and each topic is covered in two videos. Grasp the basics, and get ready for more intermediary level as well as commercial software tutorials.

Image manipulation

Getting Started with GIMP for graphic design

Image manipulation uses real life imagery or photographs as a starting point for a graphic design piece or as elements within a design. Common tasks involved would be combining different images to make the graphic design look like a single image or simply removing elements from an image. Vector image elements can also be combined with image manipulation.

Music Production

Getting Started with LMMS for music production

Music Production includes sourcing sample sounds, composing music to create a track or jingle, mixing the different sounds, and finally mastering the audio to make it sound better. Learning the basics of music production, specially mixing is also important for video production.

Video Editing

Getting started with resolve for video production

Video Editing and production is required to compile videos together. Multiple videos, vector elements, images and text is sequenced together to create a single video. Adding transitions between clips and elements as well as color correcting videos are other important tasks.

3D Animation

Getting started with Blender for 3D animation

3D Animation content can be used for graphic designs as well as video content. Setting up a 3D scene and rendering it as a graphic is a unique way of generating complex graphic designs. Animated content can also be used as motion graphic elements in videos.

Vector Design

Getting started with Inkscape for graphic design

Vector Design is important for both graphic designing as well as video production. Vector images can be designed inside Inkscape or Illustrator and then imported into an image manipulation program such as GIMP or Photoshop, for more complex graphic designs. Vector design elements are also imported and used inside video creation or editor programs when creating videos.

These topics are a precursor to more intermediary level creative tutorials as well as commercial creative software tutorials, so it is important to get the basics right.

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