Content Writing for Digital Marketing

Content Writing for Digital Marketing

Content writing for web copy, is fast becoming a highly sought after expertise in today’s digitally dependent consumer markets. Not only are shoppers buying more online, they are also researching through search, looking for advice and validation, every time they are faced with making an import purchase decision. Content writers ensure that relevant information is presented to consumers, whenever they search online with a specific search query. Content writing, ultimately aims to create landing pages that rank on search result pages, with the objective of driving more traffic to websites and online digital assets.

Web copy writing

A good writer in general, not matter how attractive their style or flow of writing, maybe, would have to curtail that natural flair, in order to become a good web copywriter, the reason being the concept of Keywords. The single most important element in Search Engine Optimization SEO, being the use of relevant Keywords, used tastefully within web copy, and content writers would be tasked with creating content, with an emphasis on using these Keywords throughout an article or written piece, whilst maintaining their unique style of writing.

What are Keywords?

Finding the best Keywords for use within web copy is done through a process of Keyword research, and although it is a topic for another day, what it essentially entails, is finding the words and phrases that online searches type into search engines, whenever they are looking for something specific. Once the relevant Keywords have been found out, it is important to use them skillfully within web copy, one to avoid keyword stuffing and be penalized in search engine rankings, and two to present engaging content to an online audience.

Walk through example

Below is an excerpt from the intro section of a write-up, targeting a particular set of Keywords, namely, Off-plan Properties, Off-plan Dubai and Off-plan investments, although these Keywords have not been researched for SEO, they serve the purpose of demonstrating how to write web copy for the article heading, "A Guide for Buying Off-plan Property in Dubai". Targeted as well as potential Keywords and Long Tail Phrases, have been highlighted in the write-up to easily identify how they are used within web copy.

Localize search result

The example article is targeting a competitive search space, for the off plan property market in Dubai, and although the original article on the website, needs to be in English, targeting the large expat and English speaking community in the UAE, different versions or snippets of the same piece of content would also have to be presented in other languages such as Arabic or Hindi. With Google increasingly localizing services and search results in local languages, translation of English web copy as well as researching local language keywords are becoming extremely important to gain a competitive edge in the SEO game.

A Guide for Buying Off-plan Property in Dubai

Off-plan properties are real estate offerings that are made available for purchase, through easy financing options and attractive discounts. The total price paid for the Off-plan property would be at a lower price than the actual value of that property upon completion.

Buying Off-plan in Dubai, is one of the best investments that can be made in terms of financial security as well as for the potential to achieve substantial capital gains. Where Off-plan Dubai makes sense is that the upfront cost of purchase becomes much more affordable, as opposed to an outright purchase, typically yielding a savings of about 10%.

Off-plan investments in Dubai have seen a steady rise in demand, with its growth being fueled by the stifling upfront cost of purchasing a property in the Dubai secondary market. The mortgage cap introduced in 2013, which can limit loan-to-value (LTV) rates, by up to 75%, was introduced to curtail irresponsible lending, but in fact has also impacted the secondary property market by pricing out and making properties less affordable for many buyers, especially first-timers.

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