Finding Best Web Hosting

Finding the best value web hosting service

Rule number one in finding and evaluating the best value web hosting service for domains and websites is finding the Regular Rates page. Every single web hosting provider out there offer great value discounts from time to time on the first year of hosting a new website, some even promote unbelievable sounding offers. But the truth is these offers only apply for the initial term of the contract after that the regular rates, which are always in fine print become applicable for the web hosting service that has now locked in a customer who would dread migrating to another host.

Future Growth

Of course, it’s great to receive a good deal, but a good deal in web hosting is not merely how much is paid up front to get a website online. A good deal in web hosting is does it provide room for expansion. Gone are the days when a website can be put online and be forgotten about, nowadays that is as good as not having a website at all. No matter what anybody tells you the only real truth about Search Engine Optimization is content creation. Search Engines love new content and if you want to keep generating new content then you need room for expansion.

Room for expansion does not simply mean, how much of Gigabyte (GB) storage a web hosting provider offers, it means is there sufficient flexibility to grow your entire online presence in a planned manner over time. An ideal web host is one who will provide unlimited storage, unlimited websites and domains as well as unlimited bandwidth to handle your website traffic, giving you the maximum flexibility to grow your online presence. In reality, however, there can never be a perfect scenario for all and although many web hosting services offer unlimited everything, from anywhere between $8 to $16 a month, soon as you start hurting the shared network infrastructure or come into conflict with the usage terms in using a web hosting provider’s services, you will be throttled.

Best Offering

So coming back to the question of how to find the best value hosting service, you need to first seek out great discounts on the first term, but always look at the Regular Rates for renewal. Secondly, you need to think about the future and look at the unlimited everything option and compare who gives the best deal. Finally, you need to look at usage tiers and upgrades, for instance, if you turn out to become the next Facebook, then your unlimited everything package would require an upgrade into a higher bandwidth tier or even a Virtual Private Server, so ensure that the hosting provider you choose is flexible enough to easily expand your online presence over time.

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