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Marketing automation is the process of automatically funneling prospects, contacts and leads through a predefined path up until the time of sales conversion. It is essentially, setting on autopilot the task of harvesting and nurturing leads while maintaining the individuality of each correspondence. Imagine a system where all contacts and leads are segmented into different categories right from the time of first contact, and then graded based on a point system that keeps track of progress down the funnel. Wouldn’t this help the marketer make better, more meaningful connections, well this is exactly what marketing automation with Mautic facilitates.

Setting Up

Mautic is a great piece of free open source software that helps marketers keep tabs on their prospective leads. Although free to download and use it does require a web hosting account to run on and a little bit of time and effort to setup. In order to setup Mautic, a database must first be created on the web hosting account, once this is done all downloaded Mautic files have to be uploaded into the web hosting folder of a domain or any sub folder, now simply use a web browser to navigate to that online domain or subdirectory that the Mautic files were placed in, to run the installation. The only tricky aspect of the installation process is the setting up of Cron Jobs on the web hosting account, however, there is a Mautic plugin and micro service that simplifies this process.

Target Leads

Mautic has built-in email sending capabilities as well as integration for several email service providers, based on the service chosen, however, it may take a little technical knowledge and tinkering to setup. Mautic’s excellent integration capabilities extend to many content management systems (CMS), cloud services and social media platforms, meaning it can be set up to immediately start collecting lead information from any number of online sources.

How Automation

How Mautic works is it assigns points to potential as well as engaging customers and leads via point generating actions, these point generating actions can be a multitude of events triggered through online content consumption and lead capture calls to action, like landing pages or email signups and newsletters. Mautic also has the awesome ability to push dynamic content to a website or CMS when known engaging leads are detected, meaning unique and varying content can be pushed up to the online presence based on the different lead profile consuming the content.

The Mautic workflow will include setting up of the tracking JavaScript on each of the web pages or integrating with a CMS plugin for online lead information gathering. The creation of emails and campaigns that will be sent out and run with the objective of harvesting leads. Finally, leads will be nurtured through the funnel with better or more customized content and prodded towards sales conversion.

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