How to get your web domain and web hosting

How to get your web
domain and web hosting

When purchasing a web domain and obtaining a web hosting service the first decision to make is whether you get both services from a single vendor, or do you buy the domain from one service provider and host the website with another. Usually we buy a domain from a certain vendor and then point that domain towards a different hosting service provider. The reason being that some offer better deals and services as domain name sellers while some provide better facilities and features when it comes to web hosting. Preventing vendor lock-in is another good reason for choosing two different providers for the two different services required.

Point Nameservers

Once a domain has been purchased it needs to point towards the web hosting provider, how this is done is by entering the Nameservers of the hosting provider in the domain management panel of the domain name seller account. Although the User Interface of different vendors will vary the process of pointing a domain towards a hosting provider is absolutely the same, just click on the manage domain tab and look for the section where you enter custom Nameservers. The Nameservers of the hosting provider can easily be obtained from the hosting account and you will also be notified of the Nameservers when you purchase a hosting package.

Point Domain Nameserver

Upload Files

Once your domain name is set to point towards your web host, you need to be able to upload your website files into your web hosting folder. Although most web hosts provide a method to drag and drop files from within the web hosting account itself, this is not recommended. The correct way to upload files to your web hosting server is through an FTP client, we recommend using FileZilla, it’s free. After downloading and installing an FTP client, you need to enter your FTP user credentials in order to gain access into your web hosting folder.

FTP Account Client

FTP Setup

To obtain FTP credentials, you must create an FTP user from within your web hosting provider account, this is also a pretty straightforward process, just find the section that enables the creation of FTP users and create a new user, some vendors create a user by default. Once you have the username and password of the FTP user, you must also note down the host name information of your website this will also be prominently displayed within your web hosting panel. Now that you have the necessary FTP credentials, enter them and click connect. The FTP client will enable you to drag and drop files from a folder on your computer on to the website folder of your web hosts server.

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