Getting started with blender

Getting started with blender for 3D animation

Blender is probably the best free piece of creative software available today, it is equally as good as any of its commercial rivals in 3D animation, and its feature set go beyond simply creating 3D animation, but also extend to Game Design, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics and Video Production. The different render engines and shader options that can be used within Blender helps create amazing visuals.

Although there are plenty of training videos online on how to get started using Blender, we want to create a tutorial series that begins from scratch and goes on to cover every single aspect of this amazing free software.

Video one covers the essential requirements and shortcuts to start navigating the 3D space within the blender application, users must become extremely comfortable manipulating models and scenes within the 3D view as this is where all of the design and modeling work will be accomplished.

Video two, covers how to setup the camera render settings and to quickly create a basic animation using the default blender scene. This video shows how 3D objects are transformed in 3D space as well as the basics of setting up keyframes for animation.

Although these videos simply touch on the basics of using Blender, they highlight the import shortcuts and essential sections within the application and while forming the basis for future intermediary topics, they provide a workflow for quickly creating 3D based visual content.

Most free 3D resources available online, can be opened in Blender. Get .blend files or .obj files and import into blender to quickly get started.

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