Getting Started with GIMP

Getting Started with GIMP for graphic design

GIMP is a cross platform image manipulation program, popularly used as a free alternative to Photoshop. Although free, GIMP is just as good as Photoshop in many of the image manipulation tasks, especially when used with external plugins that extend its functionality or improve productivity.

Video one describes the process of bringing an image into GIMP and removing an element from the image completely, a very common task undertaken in image manipulation or graphic design. Video one focuses on using the Clone Tool and the Healing Tool to remove an element and smooth in the edits.

Video two focuses on simplifying the graphic design task undertaken in video one by removing an object from an image using a plugin called resynthesizer. The video then goes through the process of creating a graphic design piece combining a real world photograph with a vector graphic.

In order to install external plugins for use with GIMP, you have to move all of the plugin files into the plugin folder located within GIMP, this folder is called plug-ins.

lib -> gimp -> 2.0 -> plug-ins

Download GIMP -

Download Plugin - Resynthesizer

Download Plugin - Resynthesizer - All Tools

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