Getting started with inkscape

Getting started with Inkscape for graphic design

Inkscape is an awesome piece of free software that helps with the creation of vector graphics, graphic designs, font creation and as well as other creative visual tasks. Although primarily viewed as a vector drawing application, its graphic design capabilities are much more versatile and some of its features are equally as good as any commercial alternatives out there if not better.

The workflow we introduce you to, in this Inkscape training video series will help you not only use Inkscape but also become familiar with the workflow required for other commercial software such as Adobe Illustrator, when it comes to using vector graphics in graphic designing.

Video one will setup the Inkscape user interface to look more like the more popular commercial alternative software, in graphic design such as Illustrator and Photoshop. This video demonstrates the essential workflow to get you started creating graphic designs.

Video two of this training series showcases how to create a banner graphic design, the idea is to show how to setup an efficient workflow that helps quickly creates attractive designs using online image resources and services. The process begins by finding great color combinations, that will make your designs pop.

Using SVG images is an extremely quick way to create awesome graphics, because they are easy to edit. Searching free or creative commons SVG images online, to use in your graphic designs, yields plenty of resource providers due to the rising popularity of SVG images.

There are plenty of similar services and resource providers online, but here are a couple of sources to get you started.

Color Combinations -,

SVG image resources -,

Download Inkscape for your operating system here -

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