Getting Started with LMMS

Getting Started with LMMS for music production

One open source software that is lacking currently, is a good music producing Digital Audio Workstation DAW, something that can rival FL Studio or Pro Tools and can do for music production what Blender has done for 3D animation. LMMS is a free music making software that has a layout similar to FL Studio, in fact early version of FL Studio looked similar to LMMS. In this tutorial series we setup LMMS as a DAW and show, how with the use of external VST plugins, it is possible to accomplish all tasks required for music production.

The first video shows how to setup LMMS so that it displays all of the essential components of a DAW, in addition we install a VST plugin called SPAN, which is a sound spectrum analyzer, this VST will be essential when mixing and mastering music. Save the final file created in video one for use as a starter file for any new projects.

Video two walks you through the process of creating music in LMMS, how beat loops are created and how chord progressions and melodies are included in a track. This video also demonstrates the basic use of a sound frequency spectrum analyzer, which can be used to monitor output coming from the DAW. It also shows how to use an equalizer plugin to tame sounds, to fit into the relevant regions of the frequency spectrum.

This series of videos and future tutorials will be useful whatever DAW you decide to use as it introduces a workflow for creating music fast while preparing your track for easier mixing and mastering, when your track is ready to be perfected.

Download LMMS -

Download Spectrum analyzer - SPAN

Download Equalizer - SplineEq

Download Equalizer - TDR Nova

Download Equalizer - Marvel GEQ

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