Getting started with davinci resolve

Getting started with resolve for video production

Davinci Resolve is a video editing, color grading and audio post production powerhouse, that not only lets you create amazing looks for your video content but also mix and master your audio. The free version contains all of the core features except for coloration and some effects. This easy to learn software has a very well laid out user interface that lets you progress step by step from raw video and audio content to final production.

Video one shows the essential tabs required for the task of video editing and adding effects to your videos, all of the video editing capabilities are contained within the Edit Tab which also includes all of the transform options such as zoom, rotation, scale etc. The inspector panel that has all of the transform options also can be used to set keyframes for animating the transforms.

Once done editing the video move to the Color Tab, this lets you add different looks for your video, this part of the software is where you can turn those bland looking video into something vibrant and unique.

Video two, imports a bland looking aerial drone shot, makes some basic video edits to it and then uses the Color Tab to add some contrast to the shot by making the darker parts and shadows of the clip darker, as well as the lighter parts and whites of the clip brighter. Finally add some temperature and saturation for color.

There are many free video clips available for download online and many services providing royalty free and creative commons clips. Import some samples into Resolve and try to achieve different color grading looks.

Download DaVinci Resolve here, get the free version -

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