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Google Ad Essentials, Search, Display, Video

Effectively running Digital Marketing Campaigns within the Google Eco system is an essential skill set that every Digital Marketing professional, must specialize in. Google Advertising has three main campaign types, Search, Display and Video, these options along with other advertising product offerings by Google can help businesses, Drive Sales, Generate Leads, Increase Website Traffic, Influence Consideration and Build awareness.

Some of the advantages of Digital Marketing in general and something that Google Advertising options make convenient, is the ability to connect to relevant audiences at the right time with the right message. Having control over the budget spend as well as campaign strategy, helps with continuous improvement on the fly, while the ability to view results and get almost real-time feedback helps with campaign optimization, as well as enabling the measurement of Return on Investment. The three most popular Google Advertising options are Search, Display and Video.

Search Advertising

Google Search advertising are those relevant text or call Ads that show up next to organic search results on, whenever search queries are made looking for similar businesses or products. Running search campaigns help place Ads in front of potential customers at exactly the right time, which is when they are in the midst of seeking a specific product or service and are actively in the market and about to make a purchase decision.

Display Advertising

Google Display Ads have two campaign subtypes, Gmail Campaigns, which are Ads that show up within the Gmail email service, and Display Campaigns that show relevant image based Ads, across a network of websites and apps that have been approved to display Google advertising content. Image based Display campaigns have two further options for selection, Smart Display and Standard Display campaigns.

Smart Display campaigns can be created in a matter of minutes, simply input the budget, bid and creative asset, while letting Google machine learning technologies do the heavy lifting of, on the fly campaign optimization and finding more customers. Standard Display campaigns give you full control in terms of being able to manually select, every aspect of running a customized Display Ad campaigns including, targeting, bidding as well as the type of Ad format to use.

Video Advertising

Google Video advertising is essentially the use of YouTube or Google Video Partners to display video Ads to a relevant audience that is attentive and engaged, meaning these Ads are served up to potential customers who are actively watching and listening to similar content.

Popular YouTube advertising options include, In-stream skippable Ads, which are designed to influence an audience within the first five second prior to video content being served up, before a button option to skip the Ad appears. These types of Ads are often accompanied with links and text boxes that are overlaid on top of the Ad and prompt a Call To Action. Other types of video Ads include, Non-skippable Ads which display prior to or during longer video content, Out-stream Ads that appear outside the YouTube video stream such as on Mobile sites and apps, and Discovery Ads that appear on the Home feed, Watch Page and Search Results.

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