Google Data Studio for web analytics

Google Data Studio for web analytics

Google data studio helps convert data into live, interactive decision dashboards, presented in the form of beautiful visualizations and reports. Not only does it connect to a variety of different data sources out of the box, it also accommodates custom data inputs, either through custom connectors or even CSV file uploads and Google Sheets. Using Google data studio for web analytics will enable digital marketers to collaborate, make decisions and share progress, on different marketing efforts, all on a free, dynamic, data visualization platform.

Why Data Studio?

With Google Analytics, providing data reporting visualizations as well as a custom report creation option, for creating fully customizable analytics reports, what benefit does Google Data Studio provide over Google Analytics Reporting, well besides the fact that it connects seamlessly with Google Analytics, its report creation process is a breeze with drag and drop report widgets and styling options, in addition it also allows for the consolidation of all types of marketing data from multiple sources, all visualized in one single report. Google Data Studio also provides a separate environment outside of Google Analytics, where many people can collaborate and share web analytics and digital marketing data, for the purpose of working together to optimize company-wide marketing efforts.

Connecting to data

For custom data sources, building a custom connecter is a developer undertaking, while uploading data via a CSV file, requires formatted data according to certain specifications. Connecting data from Google Analytics as well as other free and paid community connectors are easy though, and once the data is connected, report widgets need to be inserted using the drop down and menu options. Inserted widgets come with prepopulated data from default Dimensions and Metrics, and these can be changed from within the Data panel.

Report styling options

Although the interface of Google Data studio is bound to change in the future, the Layout and Theme tabs allow for full control of the styling of reports. Styling individual widget elements within the report would require clicking on them, and when this is done the Data tab mentioned above as well as a Style tab are made available, for changing the data presented within the widget, as well as for customizing the look and feel of the widget.

Create new report

google data studio new report

Select data source

google data studio select data

Report style options

google data studio report style

Insert report widget

google data studio insert widget

Style report widget

google data studio widget style

Change report data

google data studio change data

Add data source

google data studio new source

Select new source

google data studio select source

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