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Marketing, web design, user interface review

A series of reviews to showcase the concepts and technologies behind digital marketing, web development and user interface designing. The following videos are the first in a series of reviews that will randomly pick and review case studies, live sites and resources from around the digital world.

All of these websites and landing pages had one single objective, to showcase a product category, targeting a specific demography or market niche. The prospective leads who viewed these web sites and landing pages, were presented with a clear call to action button labeled SHOP. All of the generated sales leads would, essentially be funneled towards one central location, where they would be able to learn more about the products on offer and make purchase decisions.

Showcasing the use of WebGL in web design and development, Although it has unmatched user interface design capabilities, its level of difficulty in comparison to other web technologies as well as its lack of cross platform support, has limited its widespread use On websites.

Snap SVG is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to create and manipulate SVG graphics in user interface designs. In this age of varying screen sizes, that users, use to consume digital content, from smart TV’s to mobile devices, it is important to ensure graphic and visual elements scale without losing quality. Scalable Vector Graphics maintain image quality, whatever screen size is used to view the content, and is great for animating user interface designs and web or app infographics.

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