The Google Marketing Platform

The Google Marketing Platform

Building a technology backed marketing stack, that marketing executives can leverage to analyze, improve and execute marketing activities, has become an extremely important point of focus for many future oriented marketing departments. Delivering content, ads and experiences, at exactly the right moment when they are required by the consumer, is what the Google Marketing Platform, properly utilized, promises to deliver. Its offering of several tools, are an essential set of resources, that can be used to, not only learn the entire data driven digital marketing cycle, but also to supplement or build an organization's own marketing stack.

Although the Google Marketing Platform, encompasses some widely used Google services for digital marketing, such as the ever popular Google Analytics, it also has several other products that help digital marketers, better target their customers, potential consumers and intended audience. The below sections of this article, elaborates on a survey conducted by Bain & Company, in partnership with Google on nearly 1,700 senior marketing executives around the globe, in order to uncover the findings of how they use technology backed insights to engage with customers. The overwhelming answer was meeting the exact moment when consumers require a brand, as such the below sections stress on how some of the tools within the Google Marketing Platform can help meet that moment.

Integrated System

Google services are extremely well integrated whilst also being accommodative of external service providers, a case in point being, the use of Google Tag Manager to inject marketing and analytics tags from multiple sources even external services outside of Google. Once data is collected within Google Analytics, it can then immediately provide actionable, visual insights, via reports generated by Google Data Studio. These connected systems can help uncover more audience insights and help marketers deliver more relevant messages, faster.

Testing and Learning

Learning through data, facilitates improvement, and in addition to web analytics feedback, the Google Marketing Platform also offers tools for web optimization, survey feedback and paid online advertising analysis. The legacy DoubleClick products have been rebranded and unified under the Google Marketing Platform as Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, as well as Campaign Manager and Studio, all of these products help monitor paid online marketing efforts and enable end-to-end digital campaign management.

The ability to test and improve based on data is notably the best aspects of the entire digital marketing cycle, because the feedback received is almost immediate, when this data is routed through to decision dashboards, corrective action and new opportunity discovery become easier. In addition to organic and paid online marketing analysis and management, Google Optimize helps create variations and personalized experiences for varying audiences, this process of A/B testing, uncovers what works best and how websites can be improved.

Sharing Insights

Sharing uncovered insights and information is extremely important, so that the relevant decision makers are in the know, whilst the lower level decision implementers, also understand why certain decision are made. Decision making and justification, also becomes much simpler, when visual insights are shared amongst the team. Google Analytics and Data Studio, enables different permission levels and collaboration features that help marketing executives work together to uncover relevant insights, which can then be shared with the entire team, leading to more potent marketing efforts.

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