What is data driven digital marketing

What is data driven digital marketing

Data driven digital marketing is a process of continuous, digital presence optimization, that uses metrics and dimensions to show performance improvements from one time period to the next. Digital marketing is a process that uses a combination of digital content and online, or in app marketing efforts, in order to promote brands and companies. The data generated from these digital marketing efforts are funneled and filtered through analytics solutions that are able to provide quantitative measurement levels, based on which, future performance improvements can be monitored.

Why Analytics

Although digital analytics has been around for quite some time now, popular analytics solutions such as, Google Analytics have made the study of user behavior highly intuitive and informative, with the ability to gather both quantitative data for measuring performance over time, as well as qualitative information for making comparisons between segments and categories. Both quantitative metrics and qualitative dimensions, used together with a process of data filtering and report creation, provide extremely insightful information and actionable data on user behavior and digital marketing campaigns, thus giving marketers the ability to analyze and improve marketing efforts over time.

Creative Content

Content creation is the backbone of the digital era, digital content and advertising help create impressions in the digital world, these impressions can be tracked and acted upon. Content that is performing well, can get more advertising spend, while high value audiences and segments, get higher budget allocations for content creations and advertising. User interface designs of apps and websites, content and advertisements, can also be tested through a process called A/B testing or split testing, which compares two versions of the same piece of content, presented in two different forms, for the purpose of analyzing what performs best.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing process requires the setup of digital assets, in the form of websites, landing pages, apps and social profiles. These digital assets are used to funnel user traffic from various sources, such as email campaigns, external website links or online advertising. Once user traffic is funneled through digital assets, analytics and marketing trackers are used to analyze and output actionable data that can be used for performance improvements and digital optimization. Data driven digital marketing identifies current levels of performance, and then takes actions based on data, to show positive outcomes over time, in both quantitative metrics as well as qualitative dimensions, that help better understand your digital marketing data.

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