What is the best free infographic maker

What is the best
free infographic maker

Infographics are simply visual representations of some information or data regarding a particular subject matter. The popularity of Infographics has skyrocketed in the recent past, mainly due to the high impact and better performance that visual content demonstrates when consumed by a target audience, as such, we wanted to review some of the best free infographic makers online based on trend popularity.


Firstly, we have Piktochart which enables the creation of unlimited infographics, but with limited infographic templates, however the vast well organized library of icons and photos to choose from has boosted the popularity of this infographic maker. Piktochart allows 40MB of own image uploads, this isn’t much, but if you know how to optimize your images, then you can work around this limitation by creating one infographic at a time. Once you have completed making an infographic download it, clean up your storage and start over again. Piktochart does watermark their brand at the bottom of each infographic though.


Canva our second most popular free infographic maker, allows multiple uploads of own images without specifying a limit, it also has an excellent library of free icons, illustrations and imagery, but most importantly Canva does not watermark creation under the free account for download purposes. Canva also has a great layout, picking system for quickly creating graphics for social media postings as well as templates for online and offline distribution. The catch with Canva is that you need to search for specific icons and imagery and invariably what shows up are paid content at a $1 apiece.


Venngage our third most popular service for free infographic makers, allows up to six images as uploads, but they must each be under 2MB. Venngage has a limit of 5 infographic creations and does not permit the export or download of infographics made with the free account you are only provided with a link for online distribution of the infographic. On the upside Venngage has a massive library of icons and imagery for use even by the free account.

Best Way

From the three free infographic makers reviewed we recommend using Piktochart and Venngage for inspiration and sharing content online while Canva is excellent for total customization and freedom in helping create your own infographics. These three services also provide an easy to use, drag and drop user interface and infographic creation process, on the downside all three free makers reviewed, watermark the resulting infographic with their own branding for online distribution.

Finally, infographics are mainly made up of vector designs and ideally the best system for making free infographics would be to learn vector design and create the exact graphical depiction of the story you wish to portray, as such we are creating a GitHub repo divided into libraries of infographic content to get you started, it’s all free under Creative Commons.

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