Digital Marketing Trends 2018

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

Although the traditional digital marketing efforts such as email marketing as well search and social media advertising are still some of the most effective ways of getting your digital content and brand awareness message across to targeted audiences, digital marketers also need to gain expertise practicing other digital marketing trends that help create better engagement and lead to higher sales conversions.

Mobile Friendly

The importance of creating mobile friendly online assets and digital content has been drilled into the mindset of digital marketers over the last couple of years. The ability of consumers to engage with brands they like, easily via mobile, gives rise to new opportunities for engagement, such as through browser notifications and popups etc.

Chatbot Technology

Some of the positives of web automation are machine learning and chatbot technologies, imagine a scenario where your customers questions and queries are answered promptly at any time, on any day without fail whilst always maintaining consistency. Chat bots are already providing that live feedback element to online users, and they will soon not only be closing the deal, but also actively seeking and funneling new sales leads in the digital world.

Infographic Content

Visual representation of information and ideas will always be popular because people have a short attention span and want to consume valuable information easily and quickly, however, with the explosion of infographic content online, it is extremely easy to get lost in all that noise. So it’s important to research your topic and create eye catching, well designed and easy to understand infographics.

Explainer Videos

Nothing can beat a good short video that tells your customer exactly what they need to know, Digital marketers, creating engaging videos and similar visual content such as animated GIFs that are entertaining, informative or are visual depictions of a message, significantly improve their chances of creating effective engagement and subsequent conversion.

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