Examples of Content Marketing

Examples of Content Marketing

Content marketing is simply about creating valuable content, that is offered to a relevant audience who perceive the content as important, helpful or even entertaining. Content marketing can take shape in the form of Infographics, Podcast, Videos or even a really informative Web Page, whatever the type of content that is used, it should be less about promotion and more about creating value. This article will update to list some famous content marketing examples as well as current content marketing campaigns that are creating an impact on an audience.

* The famous will it blend videos created by Blendtec to demonstrate the power of its range of blenders, by blending items such as cell phones and golf balls.

* The surfing company, Rip Curl’s online publication titled “The Search”, which chronicles the travel stories of surfers on their search for the ultimate surf adventure.

* MOZ.com’s beginners guide to SEO is simply a web page that provides incredible value to anybody wanting to learn about search engine optimization.

* Hootsuite's Game of Social Thrones was a video created as a rendition of the opening title of the Game of Thrones, indicating its effort to unite all social networks under one platform.

* The “LUSH” beauty brand’s how it’s made video series, showcasing the step by step processes required for creating beauty care products, using fresh ingredients.

* Rolex creating posts for social media, using high quality and amazing photography of its products and components along with some insightful information.

* LinkedIn’s insider guide, titled “The Secret Sauce” to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, which provides tips, tricks and lessons for marketing on the LinkedIn platform.

* McDonald’s Canada, with its web based asset, titled our food your questions, attempts to answer all customer queries about its food, They also display the user generated questions.

As can be seen by the examples above, content marketing creates engagement rather than directly promoting a product or service, So the key questions to ask a digital marketer or marketing service provider is how they can create engagement for your brand and what types of content they will generate, at what frequency. Based on marketing research of online sources and resources data, what we see is that Blogging is still the most effective and engaging type of content marketing format, followed by Newsletters, Long form Marketing Videos and Infographics.

This article will periodically update with more content, ideas, infographics, examples as well as tutorial links on how to create content for your own content marketing efforts.

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