Web Design Trends 2018

Web Design Trends 2018

Web design trends in 2018 show, a return in the popularity of web animation, as well an affinity towards user interface customization using unique typography and visual design. Whilst giving a basic overview of the concepts and technologies used in these web design trends, future articles will also include tutorials, visual examples and the latest trends in web designing.

Web Animation

Ever since the humble GIF image was used as a means of animating icons and images on the web, digital marketers jumped on the opportunity to provide animated visual content to targeted users, as was seen with the explosion of banner ads. Although GIF images are now making a strong comeback on the web thanks to platform such as Tumblr, Imgur and Giphy, their prior decline in popularity for use on websites, because of performance issues, gave rise to newer technologies. Ironically however, although these newer technologies are extremely good at what they do, they still cannot substitute some basic GIF features such as simplicity and realism, hence the revival of GIF popularity on the web.

SVG animated images, powered by CSS animations is the most efficient way of creating web animations, this coupled with sprite sheets, means you are a web super hero saving bandwidth. SVG images can also be animated via JavaScript and associated libraries such as Snap.SVG or GreenSock tools.

In order to create 3D capable web animations that will amaze your users, web developers would have to use WebGL, which is a JavaScript API for rendering 2D and 3D graphics within web browsers. Although WebGL is an intermediary to expert developer undertaking, putting in the effort to learn it will pay great dividends, a good place to start would be three.js.

Then there is the extremely reliable HTML 5 video element which can be set to auto play and loop, therefore giving the illusion of an animation, and is an excellent choice for animated backgrounds header sections and slideshows etc.

Unique Illustrations

While providing an element of customization to web designs, they can help project a brands identity and shape the customer perception of a brand. By providing an energetic, awesome, fun, playful, or more approachable depiction of a brand, illustrations in web design help create a positive visual experience for users. Although this trend is in its infancy, it can help web designs stand out amongst the crowd. A good place to start learning how to create illustrations would be to learn how to create vector graphics and then, progress on to drawing vector art, a drawing tablet such as “Wacom” will be essential for any aspiring illustration artist.

Custom Typography

Using custom web fonts help create unique user interfaces and website designs that will help portray brand identity. Although typography selections may finally rest in the hands of the brand marketers, the web designers must create the relevant code that not only ensures the custom fonts display on devices as intended, but also provide matching fallback fonts for edge case scenarios. A good place to create font kits for the web using custom fonts is fontsquirrel.com, fallback fonts need to be provided via CSS code.

Video Backgrounds

An extremely popular web design trend spotted in 2018 was the use of video backgrounds on website homepages. Whilst creating a sense of liveliness, auto playing video header backgrounds are a quick and easy way to create a classy and sophisticated looking website design. Although the trend of auto playing video headers may lose favor in 2019, they are sure to be replaced by, intro, explainer videos or 3D and interactive video content via technologies such as WebGL.

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