Web Design Trends 2019

Web Design Trends 2019

Web design trends in 2019 will feature, a rise in the popularity of user interactive, interactions, meaning user would be wowed every time they click, tap, scroll or directly interact with a user interface. Vector graphic designs and illustrations will also be used to create customized user interface designs that will fascinate users. Vector design pieces will be combined with scroll reveal techniques or user interactive panning, side scroll or slide show web design elements, to create richer visual experiences.

Video Interactions

WebGL and HTML Canvas based video interactions are bringing back Flash memories, no pun intended. Although this web design technique is resource intensive, both on the device hardware as well as on internet bandwidth, it is an extremely popular design trend in high budget web development projects, and will surely feature in the future, at least in limited forms on web pages, as device capabilities and internet connection speeds improve globally. Video interactions will give users the ability to interact with video content in different ways and keep users engaged for longer. 360 degree video content used in tandem with the above technique is a predictable way on how this web design trend could evolve in the future.

Vector Designs

Vector designing is an art form that has grown in popularity over the last couple of years, used mainly for promotional, print or digital content, they are now becoming very popular for creating that wow factor in web designs. First pioneered as a centerpiece header element on the Zurb Foundation home page many years back, well designed vector elements are now being used on websites, both in the header sections as well as throughout the body of a web page. Combining scalable vector graphics with CSS and JavaScript animation code means that the possibilities are endless, for web designers looking to create something awesome.

Scroll Interactions

A good and efficient technique to wow website users, both on personal computers as well as smart devices, is to use scroll interactions and animations that, fire or play based on the users scroll position. Although this is an old design trend with plenty of jQuery plugins to support web developers, it is still a popular design trend that was seen in 2018 and will also feature as a web design trend in 2019. A good case for the heavy influence of scroll interactions on websites in the future, is because it plays extremely well with fluid or responsive designs, tailored for the smart device and mobile user traffic.

This is a work in progress article, that will have more content added to each of the different subheadings, as well as more trends and techniques used for front end web designing. Tutorial and infographic links on how to web design, will also be added on here, or in the article page below in the future.

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